Our  philosophy is simple; to be the best we can be in servicing your needs. We believe that our customers come first; it is not just a cliché but a commitment we make to all our past and future customers.

To be successful in business, it takes a winning combination of services, competitive pricing and dedication by all employees to excel at customer service excellence. Our continued growth is testament to our pledge to provide you with products of the highest quality and unmatched customer service; we have built our reputation on this belief. We encourage you to look around our site and see what we have to offer.

Our landscape services include like:


•       Trimming Hedges, Shrubs,
•       Pruning deciduous  trees,
•       Spring Clean up,
•       Fall Clean up,
•       Leaves Clean up,
•       Snow Shoveling,
•       Aeration,
•       Designing and Executing Landscape Structures,
•       Planting
•       Creating new garden beds
•       Mulching

We have an experienced team of employees who are dedicated to providing quality work to keep your property looking its very best! Regardless of the size or scope, we are committed to top quality service and customer satisfaction with cost effective solutions. We are a team of young, dynamic professionals, equipped with the latest technology, skill set and most of all the passion towards environment and landscape.


We at Splendid Landscape Services are here to handle your seasonal cleaning needs.
Our spring cleanup will ensure that your garden is fresh and tidy and is ready for growth. Our fall cleanup will ensure that your garden is prepared for the dormant season, including  steps taken to prevent winter rot.
● Fall & Spring cleanup services include:
● Garden cleanup
● Leaf blowing and raking
● Pruning where needed
● Edging and trimming

Our team has the horticultural background to ensure pruning and cutting back are done at the right time. We know which plants require extra attention and will provide the proper care.


A lush green lawn can enrich your property. Lawns need continuous care and maintenance.  We at Splendid will help you keep your lawn healthy with proper cutting, watering, fertilizing and aerating. We provide special lawn care services like:
● Installing
● Over-Seeding
● Moss- Control
● Mowing
● Hard edging
● Aeration
● Lawn Fertilizer Application
● Removal
● Trimming

Landscape Design

Whether you are looking for an elaborate landscape or are looking to install a backyard garden, a design service can help you save time and money. Be it a new house or a renovation, we work towards fulfilling the client’s needs with our expert ideas  to achieve a design that stands out. Our professionally trained team strives to provide the best design which is aesthetically appealing and best fits the environment and the customer. And if you have a design in mind, we can also inspire you with new ideas and approaches that look stunning and suit your lifestyle perfectly. We provide exclusive inputs according to the site, season, soil, water, adjacent plantations etc., We believe in taking an environmentally conscious and a customer friendly choice during the design.


It is that time of the year again. Clearing snow from your sidewalk is not only the neighborly thing to do; it’s also the law. All properties zoned as industrial, commercial and institutional are required to remove snow and ice daily from sidewalks and walkways fronting or adjacent to the property.
We keep updated on local weather forecasts and dispatch our team before the first snow falls. Always prepared, we track patterns and special circumstances of our client’s sites so that we are ready to serve their unique needs, exposed areas that require extra salt, drift areas, drainage areas that must remain clear and other vulnerabilities. Our Services include: Salting Services, Snow Removal, Sidewalk Clearing, Off-Site Hauling, Ice Control Services, Sanding, De-Icing, Safety Checks & Monitoring


At Splendid we can help to ensure that your landscape looks and stays healthy year-round. Different shrubs and plants require pruning, fertilization and pest control at different times of the year. We have custom-made seasonal care programs to address new or existing lawn and landscape areas. We can also help in suggesting the plants grow based on the area, season and the landscape.

Seasonal colors are considered to have the greatest impact on your overall landscaped property. It can make your property more noticeable through the vibrant and beautiful colors that stand out during that specific season.