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Welcome to Splendid Landscape Services

  • Splendid Landscaping proudly stands as a cornerstone of Maple Ridge, BC, with deep-rooted ties to the community. Our commitment to being an excellent service provider is reflected in our dedication to providing professional, high-quality landscaping services tailored to the unique needs of our clients. We cherish the opportunity to enhance the natural beauty of Maple Ridge through innovative, sustainable landscape solutions that transform your property into something you can be proud of.
  • Our services are made to elevate both the aesthetics and functionality of your lower mainland property. We provide custom services to both commercial and residential properties.
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Expert Maple Ridge Landscaping

At Splendid Landscaping, we pride ourselves on offering a wide array of landscaping services designed to help make your yard exceed all expectations. Our expertise is evident, whether it’s, yard maintenance, residential landscaping, tree services, or different types of installation projects. If you hate yard work, but still want your backyard to be beautiful and functional, make sure to give us a call.

Comprehensive Landscape Design and Installation

Our approach to creating customized, sustainable garden designs begins with a deep dive into your vision and the unique aspects of your property. We make it a priority to use plants that will thrive in Maple Ridge’s climate, ensuring lower water use and sustainability. 

During installation, our skilled team employs precision and eco-conscious practices, ensuring every garden is a testament to our commitment to making something that meshes with your vision. By focusing on native plant selections and sustainable landscaping methods, we guarantee gardens that are beautiful and sustainable. We can also make them stand out with installing fresh bark mulch, which further helps plant-life.

Lawn and Garden Maintenance

Our Maple Ridge Landscaping services offer a comprehensive suite of lawn and garden maintenance options designed to keep your property green and vibrant. Our offerings include regular mowing to ensure your lawn remains neat and healthy, creating a visually appealing outdoor space. Precise edging defines borders and enhances beauty, while diligent pruning promotes plant health and vigor. Seasonal clean-up prepares your garden for changing weather, removing debris to safeguard plant life. Beyond maintenance, we also can install turf and sod. Our commitment to Maple Ridge’s landscapes is evident in our attention to detail in our lawn care services.

Why Choose Splendid Landscaping?

Experience excellence in landscaping services with Maple Ridge’s top choice.

  • Our team has educated professionals in horticulture, ensuring expertise beyond just a guy with a truck and lawn mower coming to cut your grass.
  • Partnered with BCLNA, (British Columbia Landscape and Nursery Association) we uphold industry standards and deliver superior results. Transform your outdoor space with confidence. Choose Splendid Landscaping today!
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How Our Process Works

  • Contact us to schedule your free consultation, either through our website or by phone, email, or chat. Our experienced team in Maple Ridge will assess your property and discuss your landscaping goals. We are offering free esimates.
  • Get a detailed estimate customized to your landscaping needs, with transparent pricing and comprehensive services from our team familiar with Maple Ridge terrain.
  • Once you approve the quote, we’ll schedule your landscaping project to bring your vision to life, enhancing your property’s beauty and functionality.
  • Expect clear communication and exceptional service at every step as we exceed your expectations with our dedication to excellence in landscaping and customer satisfaction.

Transforming Maple Ridge, One Landscape at a Time

The best landscaping in Maple Ridge

With a commitment to excellence, Splendid Landscaping is dedicated to transforming Maple Ridge’s outdoor spaces, one landscape at a time. Join our growing list of satisfied clients and let us bring your dream landscape to reality. Contact us today to experience the difference our professional landscaping services can make within your budget.

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